Welcome to Leeftail Press

New around here? Good, so are we!

Leeftail Press is a small independent publisher, based in beautiful Northern California. As avid readers (with about 140 combined years of reading between us, and about 70 combined years of editing), we look for stories that stand out, that move us, that make us think, that make us laugh, that make us simultaneously want to make all our friends read the book, and yet refuse to lend it out because we’re afraid to let it go.

That’s what you’re looking for, right? Great! This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Leeftail Press is dedicated to working with authors and with readers to support the off-beat, the subtle, the unusual, and the extraordinary. We believe in the strength of local talent, the drive to create, and to share what moves you with others.  Though we’re just getting started, we hope you’ll keep checking back to see what’s new with us as we open our mailboxes to submissions, and begin the journey to the new.

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