Author’s Fair // November 10, 2012

Redding, CA

James Dippery at the Author’s Fair in Redding, CA.



November 10th marked Leeftail’s first foray into the public eye, with an all-day table at the Author’s Fair in Redding, CA. The staff was on hand to answer questions, joined by author D. T. Kastn, who appeared at the event to promote her novel, Tendence and Cavile, as well as her recently-released volume of poetry, Paperchurche.





Leeftail Press’s table at the Fair.



There was a spectacular turn-out for the event, which was hosted by the Redding Writer’s Forum and ran from 10 to 4. At our table, the biggest draw was probably the eye-catching new cover of Without Alice (well, that and the bowl of free candy).


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